Bajai Zsu interviewed for Hungarian TV

Bajai Zsu's event on Friday turned out to be even more special this time! 

Hungarian national TV-channel, Duna Televízió, interviewed Zsu for their weekly show on fashion, style and design. The show called Rúzs és Selyem ('Rouge and Silk') concentrates on the local fashion and style scene, keeping the viewers updated on trends and up-coming brands and personalities. 

This interview with Zsu touched several aspects of her sources of inspiration, and what sorts of feelings these beautiful clothes evoke. It will be exciting to see the interview, so be sure to check it out when it's aired. 

We will also keep you posted!

The interview will be broadcast on Sunday 24th January 13.00 hrs (CET). 

Zsu Interviewed for Rúzs és Selyem

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