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In our latest blog post we revealed that the media had paid a visit to the Bajai Zsu event on 15th January.

The acclaimed Hungarian show on fashion and style, Rúzs és Selyem ('Rouge and Silk') aired the interview with Zsu this Sunday afternoon, and among other presentations of interesting and prominent Hungarian designers and fashionistas, Zsu had the opportunity to tell about her lovely designs. 

Especially the source of inspiration is interesting, as it is clear that Zsu is not bound by her local, physical boundaries. As Zsu explanes in the interview, she is mainly inspired by the impulses of local culture when traveling abroad to such diverse places as Argentina and Scandinavia, and this will continuously inspire her to work with new colors and styles.

The interview is in Hungarian, but in case you are not fluent in this fantastic language, feel free to just watch for the sake of the beautiful clothes on display. 

You can watch the show here (Bajai Zsu is on from 22:09).

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Bajai Zsu on Duna TV


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