About Bajai Zsu

The designs of Zsu Bajai are characterized by functionality and informal elegance. It’s playful and light, yet classical and timeless.

The clothes are defined by subtle details and simplicity, thus expressing quality and conscious style.

A design by Zsu Bajai is a design from the heart of creativity and from the heart of a kind soul.

The original concept of the Bajai Zsu brand accentuates individuality by the fact fact that there exists only one of each item. The Bajai Zsu Ltd. concept gives you a chance to wear and admire the uniqueness of the clothes - just at a more affordable price, and it's possible to get it right here in the Bajai Zsu online shop. The items of the Bajai Zsu Ltd. are made in very limited numbers (hence the name), but still available in several sizes, while the original Bajai Zsu clothes are only available through personal shopping at one of our events. Though we may make those unique beauties available on the web with time.

We guarantee the exclusivity of the items bought here. 

The brand has existed since 2011, and this Online Shop is our latest addition to our small steps into making these beautiful clothes available to you.

We strive to add a personal touch to your shopping experience, so don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions.

You can find us either on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Bajaiszu) or you can write us an e-mail (zsubuart@gmail.com).

The Bajai Zsu brand is owned and distributed by Zsu-Bu Art Kft.